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Anonymous: I wonder if a fan has caused harm or hurt Ezra ever? It's just that I feel as if he hated people show love to him. As if he did not believe that people can feel deep things for him or maybe not want to waste his time with fans and that´s it. What do you think?

Narnia- i feel like the obsessions of this church hurt him. ive hurt him. and it saddens me. but ive definitely stopped riding that trainn         he knows how ppl can <3 him he just doesnt like invasions of privacy

September 20th
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11:04 pm
Anonymous: Could you tell the story about that record from SOAIF you posted yesterday?

Narnia- if was just an extra song from the recording of their album “one body” (or their st???). it was probs just sound bytes from the production of the album. they deleted it once they saw that a lot of ppl were listening to it and talking about it, from what i can tell

September 19th
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I have had this for almost six months…

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Anonymous: Opinions on Erin..?

Miss Miller: We don’t know much about her personality but I think lookswise,
Lauren > Erin

September 16th
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7:43 am
Anonymous: Does he have any cousins?

Narnia- of course he has cousins

Anonymous: What's the link of the new video of SOAIF?

Narnia- it is there nowww

Anonymous: Can you link the new video??

Narnia- I did..       ..I think?? (its the right one?)

September 15th
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7:40 pm

An Interview w/ Sons of an Illustrious Father (in Portuguese) 

September 15th
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7:39 pm

September 15th
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3:47 pm
Anonymous: RE: Anonymous: "that bitch is so lucky to get a good hard dicking from ezra every night"- - - Hey anon, for all you know Ezra might be a bad fuck, or annoying, or a diva, or whatever. Most famous people are self absorbed pains in the ass. Even hippy stoner types like Ezra. A celebrity's constant need for attention along with their fragile ego, would become tiresome. Ezra is nice to look at from a distance (as a fan), but not sure I'd like to be around him on a daily basis.

Miss Miller: Oh anon! Ezra seems more into ‘making art’ as he says. That’s the reason he’s a actor, not to get attention! :o

And I can’t imagine him being a bad fuck tbh