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October 20th
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3:47 pm
Anonymous: Howd u know?

miss miller: he just doesn’t seem like an islamophobic asshole…

Narnia- do you not know him at all???

October 20th
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3:21 pm
Anonymous: Wud ezra be against muslims?

Narnia- lol Nooooooo not at all, no no no

Anonymous: Nothing More was just an anonymous right?

Narnia- yah

October 20th
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6:57 am
garlicbeauty: He's a good artist but gets carried away appropriating of cultures he does not belong

Narnia- idk, he has studied a lot of the things he appropriated  (i.e. eastern culture and the Native Americans) pretty heavily…hes studied Sanskrit…been to Burning Man(lol)….hes identified as Buddhist…and in general read a lot about other cultures. he also did charity work for the Native Americans. im not sure tht excuses anything but he’s not completely ignorant and wearing things justtt for decoration.dont drag me 

idk what do y’all think? 

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October 20th
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6:52 am
Anonymous: Ezra be all like hashtag: Too White For You!

Narnia- ???

October 19th
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11:16 pm
Sons of an Illustrious Father



Mads Jensen: How did you (Josh, Lilah, & Ezra) meet?

Ezra Miller: I met Lilah in middle school. Josh fell out of a wormhole & onto a train, which then brought him to us.

MJ: What are some of your favorite albums/artists?

E: We love the Band, notably the album called Music From Big Pink.

October 19th
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3:00 pm

As u say m’lord

As u say m’lord

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October 19th
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2:45 pm
Anonymous: Ezhra kittyyy

October 19th
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2:31 pm

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October 19th
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1:12 pm