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captainanalogy: God bless you


August 27th
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7:25 pm

Anonymous asked: Doctors can also treat an overdose better than they could when River passed away. That was 20 years ago. Hey„ and i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to scare you.!

Narnia- ok

Anonymous: River and Kurt died a while ago. I think with doctors understanding drug addiction much better that it might not be likely.

Narnia- yea, but that doesnt mean he won’t accidentally overdose(???)

Anonymous: Ez looks part native or hispanic:

Narnia- oK

August 26th
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5:23 pm
Anonymous: about the music thing for the other anon, if you want to hear him sing (not opera tho) you can look up 'solution: burn it! by his band sons of illustrious father' :) its really good

Anonymous: How much is he skilled in music, really?

Narnia- well hes a trained opera singer and he had a drum teacher and im p sure a guitar teacher and he probably has taught himself how to play other instruments

August 26th
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3:29 pm
Anonymous: I'm scared that Ezra will end up like Kurt Cobain:( it makes me upset.

Narnia- im worried he’ll end up more like river pheonix tbh

August 23rd
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4:42 am


Emma Watson and Ezra Miller are rehearsing a dance for ‘Perks’

(Source: bruckners, via drewhhr)

August 23rd
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August 22nd
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8:00 pm

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